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Where everyone knows your name before you even get there!

Take care of your parents’ post office following their unexpected departure and return to your childhood home in the quaint, countryside village of Willowbrooke. Manage the establishment for a year, while becoming a part of the local community, brimming with colourful and curious characters.

Stamping and letter sorting

Check letters and stamp them for approval, or flag them as unsuitable for delivery

Baking and cooking

Tackle a plethora of recipes and cook up a treat for yourself or for villagers

Writing letters

Interact with Willowbrooke's residents by writing letters and hearing back from them

Parcel wrapping

Hand-wrap parcels at the villagers' request, with various ties, wrapping and more.

Latest News

Willowbrooke Post – Newsletter #5

There's an influx of new customers at the post office, including Andrea and Ren – be sure to check in with them soon!

Willowbrooke Post – Newsletter #4

I’m glad to inform you that we’ve been amping up our letter and parcel stamping approval system!

Willowbrooke Post – Newsletter #3

It’s been getting rather chilly this week in Willowbrooke, so I think this demands baking some fresh apple pies…

Willowbrooke Post – Newsletter #2

Meet Magnifique, just one of the many customers you'll meet in Willowbrooke Post

Willowbrooke Post – Newsletter #1

Let postman Pete reintroduce you to your childhood home as you return to the quaint village of Willowbrooke.

Willowbrooke Post Gameplay Trailer

Take a look at Willowbrooke Post's 1st gameplay trailer!